This year 2020, Dynatec has passed her 14th. Anniversary. Unfortunately, this is a tough year. Corona virus sprayed quickly in the world and causes tremendous crisis of whole economy. Most of our clients are still suffering! However, we are very appreciated for their continuous supports of business since so many years.
Thanks for all of you!

Dynatec started on October, 2006, Selling hydraulics products and relative goods world widely. We also selling industrial endoscopes, this item helped us pass the World Financial Crisis on 2008.

2013, we moved new office to Rehe road, Peitun, Taichung. This building is 100% owned by us.

2016, we invested a new business of Spraying pumps and relative products, Mighty Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. Those products seem very similar to hydraulic products but not. The market is totally different and full of challenges. We are not success; however, we are keeping in developing the market and its new application in other market.

2020, We will add some new piston pumps into Dynatec products line. At the meanwhile, In Mighty Spraying Co., we completed our first High pressure coolant system – HSS series. In this system, it equipped our new piston diagraph pump, MPD series– a brand new pump, 100% design and build by our new team, Mighty Spraying Technology Co., Ltd.

Corona Virous is still spreading in the world. No one knows when it can be controlled. However, we are so lucky to be safe here in Taiwan, where is only very few affections and people lives as normal as before. Thanks God, and bless all of you free from the shadow of virus and lives as healthy as morning sun.

Jason Cheng
Dynatec International Co., Ltd.