Sintered Bronze Silencer

Application :

  1. Filter for Gases, liquids and molten plastics. Bronze filter are of crucial important in compressed air systems. 
  2. Flow Moderators and Distributors for Liquids and Gases.
  3. For Aeration (i.e. to introduce gases into liquids.)
  4. Noise Suppressors on Intermittent Pneumatic Exhausts.
  5. Flam Arrestors
  6. Conveying, Breaking up, Drying or Dampening of Bulk Particulates powder and Granules
  7. Radiator of micro cooling system 
Maximum size of products reach 400mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 500mm(H)
Alloy Composition : Cu 89%, Sn 10.7%, P 0.3%
Raw Material : Copper 99.9%, Tin 99.85%
Apparent Density : ≥4.5 g/cm³ ,
Tap Density : ≥5.0 g/cm³
Flow Ability : excellent

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